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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - Free Classifieds

If your question is not listed below or if you need more details, please contact us.

1) About this site

  • Placing free classified ad: Does it really work?
  • How old is your website?
  • How many visitors your website has?
  • How do I protect myself from the spammers?
  • Will I get spam email after I place ad at your site?
  • Do you have human editors verifying the ads?


2) Posting and Replying

  • Are the classifieds Free?
  • How many free ads can I post?
  • Do I have to be a member/register to post my ad?
  • Can I post a premium/sponsored Ad?
  • How do I submit a classified?
  • Can I post same ad to different cities/countries?
  • How to reply to an Ad?
  • What is considered SPAM and how to resolve it?


3) After Posting

  • Why have I not received a confirmation email?
  • I received Enquiry for my ad, what should I do?
  • How do I edit my ad?
  • How do I disable my ad?
  • Why my ad can not be deleted?
  • When will my ad be listed on the site?
  • I posted ad, but it did not appear on the site
  • What order are the ads displayed?
  • How long my ad will remain on your site?
  • Will my ad appear in the search engines?
  • Why was my ad deleted or deactivated?


4) General

  • What is “Flag this ad”?
  • What should I do if my transaction has gone bad or I have been defrauded?


5) Having Problems?

  • I am having problems posting ad
  • How to report problem?
  • Personal harassment and abuse

1. About this site

Q: Does placing an ad at iVarta really work?

A: Yes! Plain and simple, internet marketing is the numbers game. Our website is one of the fastest growing classified websites and has a very high visibility on the internet, therefore, brings more visitors to your ad. Surprisingly, many times you may notice that a FREE ad at our site is more visible than the paid ads at the other websites that claim higher viewer ship. What's unique about placing a classified ad at India Varta, is the fact that your customer sees all the ads that are specific to their requirements in an easy to read format. In short, the customer comes looking for you! It's a marketing medium that's 100's of years old and now making it's mark in the fastest growing advertising medium of the 21st century - online classifieds at iVarta.

Q. How old is your website?

A. Our website has been online since year 2001 primarily with the news feed. In 2006 we added a classified section to our site.

Q. How many visitors your website has?

A. As of January 2008, there are atleast 1,50,000 UNIQUE visitors to our website every month (5000+ UV every day)

Q. How do I protect myself from the spammers?

A. Visit our ’Terms of Service’ (also available on ‘Fraud safety’ link on every page) to educate yourself about how to protect yourself against spammers.

Q. Will I get spam email after I place ad at your site?

A. Absolutely Not!! Why, you ask? Its because we do not display your email id anywhere on our site (unless you put it in a coded fashion to bypass our security features). Therefore, you id is secure from those web spiders that Crawl hundreds of websites, collect millions of email addresses and sell it to different spammers. By putting an ad at our site you are much more safer on the internet than others.

Q. Do you have human editors verifying the ads?

A. Most of our processes are highly automated. We do have human editors that visit the ads after receiving spam alert generated by the system. They may disable (de-list) some ads that are unacceptable as per our policy (read the rules) Go Top


2) Posting / Replying

Q. Are the classifieds Free?

A. All ads at India Varta are absolutely FREE. Go top

Q. How many free ads can I post?

A. You can visit our Post page to read the policy. Go top

Q. Do I have to be a member/register to post my ad?

A. As of now you do not have to be a member to post your ad. We plan to introduce mandatory membership in the future. Go top

Q. Can I post a premium/sponsored Ad?

A. As of now we do not have an option of premium / sponsored listing. All ads are absolutely free. We may consider premium/sponsored ad option in the future. Go top

Q. How do I submit/publish/post a classified?

A. Use ‘Post Ad‘ link (that is available on all classified pages on our site) to go to posting page. Select your Country, State and the City. (If your country/state/city is not available in the list select the one that is closest to you.) All the category links will be enabled (the category text will become hyperlinked that can be clicked) after you select the city. Click on the category that best suits your ad (for example – if you are selling a PC/Laptop – click on “Computers” under “Buy & Sale”). This will take you to the actual posting page. Insert all the required data (make sure you enter correct email id, Name and description) and click on “Post/Submit Ad” button. (If data is invalid or insufficient the screen will give an error message in red on the top of page. Correct the errors and resubmit again). Once the data is corrected the ad will be inserted in our database and a ‘Successful’ message will be displayed. Now, go to your email inbox and follow the instructions given in the email that we sent you, to activate the ad. Your ad will be listed on the website immediately after you activate it. To view your advt – go to classified home page and use search option to fine your ad, or select appropriate category/city to view your ad in the list. Go top

Q. Can I post same ad to different cities/countries?

A. iVarta Free classifieds are only for local advertising. Therefore, advertisers should not post ads in multiple cities simultaneously. Please post your Ad in the city (or closest city) where you or your item/service is located. Some visitors ask “Will my ad be displayed to all the cities/regions”. Ans: Though all the ads in our system are visible from anywhere in the world, every ad will be listed only in the city selected by the poster.

Q. How to reply to an Ad?

A. Every listed ad on our site has ‘Reply to ad’ options. Enter your information and accept the ‘Fraud Protection Terms of service’ and click on reply button. This will send an email to the advertiser. After this its upto the advertiser to respond to your message. We do not keep record of your email message (except date and IP address). If you do not wish to disclose your IP address, you should not use out system. Go top

Q. What is considered SPAM and how to resolve it?

A. Any ad that offers one of the following is considered as SPAM: Easy finance loans, kidneys or human organs for sale, sale of biodiesel, palm oil etc and Adult ads. If you feel your ad is NOT one of these categories then you should contact us. Please send us your name, ad title and ad description. We shall review the details and insert your ad in case it is found to be a valid ad. While sending a message you should mention “NOT SPAM” as the message subject. Please use ‘contact us/feedback’ option on this page to send your message. Go Top


3) After Posting

Q. Why have I not received a confirmation email?

A. When ad is posted we send the confirmation email immediately. If you have not received the confirmation email, you should first check the "Bulk" or "Junk" folders in your mailbox to see for the email. If you still can't find the email, contact us to get the confirmation email resent to you. If you entered wrong email id when inserting the ad we can not do anything about it. You can insert a new ad with correct email id any time you want.

Q. I received Enquiry for my ad, what should I do?

A. All the enquiries are sent to the advertiser’s email address on the record. We do not keep any record of the message sent (except the IP address for few days). When you receive an email of enquiry, you should reply to the sender directly. We do not offer any transaction processing service. All the transactions and the details of the transactions are completed between the two parties. We do not offer any types of verification of who a person is or any kind of authenticity of the ad or the interested party. You should visit our Fraud Protection Service Agreement for more details.

Q. How do I edit my ad?

A. When you inserted an ad, we sent you a message that has the link to Approve/Edit/Disable your ad. Click on the link we sent you in the email. (if you do not have copy of our email, you can request for another email to edit/delete your ad.) Enter the Verification Number (from the email) in the box provided on the screen and click on Verify button. Edit options/buttons will be enabled once the number is verified with our records. Four fields are available for you to edit – Your Name (Posted By), Phone #, Website Url (your website if any) and the Classified Description (details of your classified). You can update any of the details and click on 'Update' button to update your ad. Note: The Title, Category and City can not be modified once added. If you want to change any of these three fields you may contact us. We shall consider your request only if there was a spelling mistake (in title) or an error in selecting category/city. We may take several days to respond to your request (even if we accept the change request.) Go top

Q. How do I disable my ad?

A. Use the same method as in 'How do I edit my ad' to enable all edit buttons on the screen. Click on 'Disable' button to de-list your ad. You can disable ad anytime. Disabled ads are not listed on the site, nor can anyone reply to it. You also have an option to enable ad (that was earlier disabled). Before you disable your ad you should remove all personal contact information, phone number etc from your ad. In fact we suggest you remove all important details from the ad before disabling it. There is no provision to physically remove/delete your ad from the database. 

Q. Why my ad can NOT be deleted? 

A. Normally all the ads once posted and approved are stored in our database for 100 days. The ad can be disabled at any time but can NOT be physically removed/deleted from the database. As per the law we are required to provide the information to legal agencies in case there is a disput or to trace the author if an ad is considered as illegal.

Q. When will my ad be displayed on the site?

A. After successful submission of ad, we will send you an email for confirmation. You must confirm your ad by clicking on the url (sent in our message). Your ad will be activated and listed on the site immediately. Go top

Q. I posted my ad, but it did not appear on the site?

A. There can be various reasons – few of them are listed here Did you activate the ad as per our email message? Did you try to search your ad using your email id, and still did not find the ad? Did you try to visit the appropriate city, category & sub-category page to find your ad? If the answers are “Yes” then Your ad was possibly deleted by one of the editors for objectionable/spam content (visit the question - Why was my ad deleted?) If you feel your ad did not fit in the spam/objectionable category please contact us. Go top

Q. What order are the ads displayed?

A. The most recent ads are displayed first. Go top

Q. How long my ad will remain on your site?

A. Ad stays on the site for a period as given below, unless they are disabled for some reason. (please visit the Rules link to understand why an ad can be disabled) Listing period of an ad is generally upto 3 months (depends on the category and may change without notice.) After the initial listing period, ads are still displayed on the site for few more months but no one can reply to an ad. All ads are deleted permanently after the listing period is over. Certain categories are exception to the above rule. Ads from - Home and Part-time Jobs, Loan, Pets and Cell phone - are delisted/deleted after 30 to 60 days month. Go top

Q. Will my ad appear in the search engines?

A. Yes, all major search engines index our pages frequently. So it is expected that every ad will be listed in search engines. Important: Sometimes the search engines ignore certain ads. If you are serious about search engine listing you should not insert the same ad in several websites, or repeat the same (exact similar description) of the ad on the same site. Visit Tips section on the site to understand more about how to advertise to make your ad popular. Go top

Q. Why was my ad disabled?

A. Though most of our processes are highly automated, we do have human editors that will visit the ads after receiving a spam alert generated by the our system. They DO disable ads that are unacceptable as per our policy/rules. 1) Ads are disabled when we notice that the ad did not follow our "Minimum Basic Requirement Standards" on Keywords stuffing, Similar description, Invalid description and more (refer to rules link for complete list.) 2) All ads that offer something incredible are disabled immediately. Example: Ad that offer a loan of $100,000,000 at low interest, Apartment for rent at 50% of the rate, Kidney for Free or may be home job with millions of dollars in earnings? Be extremely careful and reasonable in what you are offering thru this service. We like to protect our visitors from spam ads and therefore, we disable everything that are too good to believe in and sounds as SPAM. If your ad was disabled, you may try to insert another ad (make sure to read the rules before you do). If you continue to insert ads against our policy, our system is automated enough to disable the ads that are from such users (that will prohibit them from inserting another ad for few months) Go Top

4) General

Q. What is “Flag this ad”?

A. We provide free and instantaneous self-ad-publishing system for thousands of users each month subject to our Terms of use and the Fraud Safety Terms of use. We can not review ads before they go online. “Flag this ad” allows users to flag spam/inappropriate ads for speedy removal. If an ad receives enough negative flags it will be removed by iVarta team (only one flag per person per post is counted).

Q. What should I do if my transaction has gone bad or I have been defrauded?

A. If you feel that your transaction with another ivarta user (advertiser or buyer) has gone bad or you have been cheated by a fraudulent post on the site

  • You can report to us about it (If approved we can publish it on the site for the future visitors). 
  • You can let us know if we can update our Terms of Service further to bring additional information to protect our visitors. 
  • If you are in North America : you can contact the agencies listed on our Fraud Safety page 
  • For all other countries: you may report it to the local Police/Cyber Crime agency to pursue criminal charges. Remember to trade locally and transact in-person to reduce the risk that your transaction going bad.   Go Top

5) Having Problems?

Q. I am having problems posting ad

A. There can be two types of problems: When user has provided insufficient / inaccurate information: The example can be: Name not entered, description more than acceptable length or less than minimum length, inserting more than one ad using same email id within 45 days etc. In this case our screen will give appropriate message on the posting page (It is generally in red on top of the screen). You are expected to follow those directions and correct the data so that your entry can be accepted. If you are still having trouble please visit ‘How to report problem?’ When there is a technical / programming error: If the program can not handle certain situations the page throws unknown error (the error may say “database connection error” with some technical words/information below that). If you face this situation please try couple of more times after fwe more minutes. If the problem persists, please report this issue to us and we shall do our best to resolve it. Go top

Q. How to report the problem?

A. Send us a DETAILED message (by using contact us option) if the error is no resolved even after few tries. Several people send us email "I am having a problem". such messages are simply deleted without any research. We need to know the exact problem faced by you to research the issue. When reporting the problem you should include the actual error message you received during the process. (Use Control+ C to copy the message and Control + V to include it in your email message.) We shall respond to your email if the message is detail enough for us to research. Go top

Q. About Personal harassment and abuse

A. Harassment, abuse by publication of personal information/phone numbers - If your personal information has been posted in one of the ads on the site: Please report this to us. Use the subject “Harassment” or “Abuse”. We shall review such ads and disable them.You should provide us as much information as possible, including the url of the ad, city and category in which the post appears. Please flag the ad for abusive posts. Go Top

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