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Rules: SPAM-FREE Classified

Why is our Classified & Yellow Pages portal popular among the advertisers and the buyers? 

It’s because we employ extremely high standards to keep our database most authentic and reliable.  

1) Our Human Editors review every classified ad posted to make sure our database is SPAM-FREE.

)  We take Spam and Garbage advertising very seriously and DELETE every ad inserted by the spammers or we may put the advt in least popular category of "All other classifieds" that is not given any prominence on our website

  We use both: the automated technique as well as manual process to delete the spam/garbage advts. 

Classified meeting any one or more of the following conditions are considered as SPAM or Garbage by our System & Editors and all such ads are deleted immediately with or without notice to the advertiser. Please make sure your classified or Yellow page posted at ivarta are free of all of the following.  

  • Invalid Description: If you are serious about advertising at iVarta, better add at least 3-4 lines of description that is grammatically correct and meaningful. Do not repeat same sentence several times to fill the description. Do not use lines filled with "-" or "=" or some letters on the keyboard to fill the gap. iVarta.com is only for the serious advertisers. We delete several ads for this reason every day. All garbage ads are thrown out. We may or may not notify the advertiser. 
  • Keywords Stuffing: DO NOT just stuff the important key words in your ads. If you are serious about advertising at iVarta, better add a description that is grammatically correct and meaningful. Ads that contain only important words are sure to attract Editor’s attention. We may or may not notify the advertiser while deleting the ad.
  • Similar content: We take similar content (Description of classified) very seriously. If the description of an ad is considered very similar (upto 70%) to other existing ads in our database (by the same user or by different users) we will delete all such advts. Therefore, make sure you have your own ORIGINAL content to avoid Spam (even inadvertently). If you repeat your advt at ivarta, you must use atleast 30% of new content in the description every time you repeat your advt, else you risk forced delete of your advt because you inserted exactly same advt.
  • Doorway pages: We consider doorway pages as spam and may delete (or put in least prominent category) such classifieds without reporting to the advertiser. Doorway pages are the websites that do not have any original content but have only links to various websites to gather visitors.

  • Invalid Urls: We delete all the advts (or put in least prominent category) if the website url (when entered) is an invalid url. Therefore make sure you enter correct website url (if you choose to enter one). We may notify the advertiser and also delete the classified (decision is based on number of such advts by the same advertiser)
  • Repeated Url: The same url or its variations when added using different names/users is considered as spam and all such advts are deleted from our database.
  • Invalid Name: You should use your proper name while submitting an ad. Using meaningless names is not acceptable (like “ABCD” or “Pseudo Name”…)
  • Using different email_id/IP addresses: Some users use different email_ids and/or IP address to bypass our security system to insert advts more frequently. Our system can easily find such advts and all the advts are deleted immediately after notice.
  • Invalid Category: Using the category that is not appropriate for the ads/classifieds posted is considered misuse of category/subcategory. We may notify the advertiser and delete the classified (decision is based on number of such advts by the same advertiser)
  • We ban IPs after repeated SPAM: As an extreme measure we also ban email_ids and/or the IP addresses that repeat one or more of the above techniques to repeatedly post their ads despite deletes by our editors.
  • No Adult Content: We absolutely reject Adult content ads, all such ads are deleted immediately without notice to the author.


Please make sure, you follow all ivarta.com guidelines to continue to use our system.


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